Why so serious?

Esports is rapidly growing on a global scale and it needs to be taken more seriously. We at Serious Esports make it our mission to concoct interesting, in-depth content that you don’t normally see from your everyday esports editorial outlet. Ideally, pieces will be written much less often than the traditional news site, but our content will contain substance that is superlative to all else.

Write, seriously.

Serious is currently seeking aspiring esports writers to create a team of knowledgeable professionals analyze esports under unique, in-depth perspectives. If you have any interest in writing this type of content focusing on a specific game, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a new startup and therefore cannot currently offer any sort of compensation for your writing, however we do plan to pay our entire team in the future pending success. For now, we offer you a platform to gain exposure for your content so that you may begin to make a name for yourself.