I’ve been watching Counter-Strike esports events for a little over 2 years. I’ve attended them and spent over 4500 hours in-game. I thought that CSGO was the easiest game for a spectator to follow… I was wrong. This weekend I turned my full attention to the RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series) Twitch stream. I immediately became hooked, the constant back and forth between such highly skilled players, the passing and teamwork was just incredible.

The event, hosted in Amsterdam NL was the Season 2 finals of RLCS and had a total prizepool of $125,000 with 8 teams in attendance (Orbit, NRG, Genesis, Take 3, Northern Gaming, Mockit Aces, FlipSid3 Tactics & Precision Z).

What makes Rocket League easy to spectate?
Simplicity. Anyone could tune in, and immediately understand how the game works whether you’re into games or not. This is where I give credit to the team behind Rocket League. The colors they’ve used, the setup of the map, everything about the game is super easy to understand.  There aren’t hundreds of different characters that cast hundreds of different spells IE League of Legends & Dota, which in contrast to RL, is the complete opposite. 

Game Mechanics & Skill Cap
The game LOOKS easy & is easy to understand, however, you can appreciate the skill it takes when someone makes a play, calculating how much boost they need, the position they need to be in to boost into the air then shoot the ball into the correct position to either score or setup a teammate. The mechanics of the game are so well designed, anyone can watch.

If you aren’t convinced, I’d suggest checking out some of the awesome moments from the S2 finals below. I’d also suggest that you follow their Twitch channel: twitch.tv/rocketleague. Next time they are streaming, check it out and feel free to tweet me your opinions!

Some awesome moments from the RLCS S2 Finals:

Incredible teamplay by Genesis to set Espeon up for a goal!

Sick save by Rizzo!

Awesome teamwork by NRG to setup Sadjunior for goal

If you’d like to view more highlights from the event, I’d suggest checking out this page on Oddshot.tv: here.

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