A Comparison Between Reginald and H3CZ

This will be a short, personal opinion piece that may shed some light on the differences between Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh (Owner of Team SoloMid) and Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez (Owner of OpTic Gaming). I will briefly go over the types of owners they are, mostly focusing on their CS:GO divisions. It should be noted that this is purely an opinion piece that is based off what I have personally read, watched and heard.

I’ll start with my first ever esports experience, Northern Arena Toronto 2016. In September, I had the amazing opportunity to meet a handful of professional CS:GO players while working at the event. Among the players that I met were a few from the TSM squad. These players along with some Northern Arena staff and volunteers decided to go out for dinner one night after a long day of matches, I believe it was after Day 3. During this dinner, I spoke with a few of the TSM players about their thoughts on our event while asking for feedback and such. Eventually the conversation lead to the topic of the TSM CS:GO house and Reginald. I was told that the TSM CS:GO team seemed to be pushed aside and that Reginald cared significantly more about his League of Legends squad. I also learned that the players had yet to even meet Reginald in person. This left me astonished and even a bit outraged. I thought to myself why an org owner, who was a player once himself, would not take the time to meet his own players in person. The players expressed that the house they were living in was a complete dump in comparison to the League of Legends team house. I won’t go into much details because they are vague, but they did mention that some furnishings such as tables and couches were purchased from Craigslist. Basically, the bottom line and what was stressed to me was that Reginald cared much more about his League of Legends team and as such, invested much more money and time into them. This left me distraught. I honestly walked back to the hotel that night thinking about ways I could help these players who seemed like they were getting the short end of the stick. I even jokingly suggested that they should move to Toronto and I would field a better living environment for them somehow.

Fast forwarding to Northern Arena Montreal 2016 in November, where I had the opportunity to meet the current roster of OpTic Gaming, (at Northern Arena Toronto I didn’t get the chance to speak with any of them and tarik was not competing with them at that event) I realized that OpTic’s owner, H3CZ, was well regarded by the players. In short small talk, the players spoke highly of him as an owner. What Hector has done and the way he portrays himself seems to be the complete opposite in the case of Reginald. If you are familiar with the OpTic video series “Vision” then you will know that it is one of the most unique esports series out there because instead of it being team-focused, it is org-focused. Vision tells the story of all OpTic Gaming teams as one cohesive brand, because although OpTic got its initial fame from its Call of Duty division, H3CZ is the type of owner that treats all his players equally regardless. For reference, take a look at this video of the CS:GO house. It sure as hell isn’t a dump.

H3CZ is also the type of owner that strives for a good relationship with his players on a personal level. He was in Atlanta in person to support his CS:GO team during their ELEAGUE Championship Finals run. H3CZ has always believed in what he calls ‘the process’ and has proven to be a successful business owner using this philosophy.

In the end, both Reginald and H3CZ are two org owners that specifically stood out to me for different reasons this year and I felt the need to express the differences between the two in some way.


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